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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  July 23, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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06/23/14 06/23/14 >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! the time has come and everyone to dig loudly and in the name of justice against the israeli machine of killing destruction. occupation forces have broken all humanitarian and international laws and ethics. >> as the palestinian death toll -- 650, a call to
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.he ends of the attack we will be to sharif abdel kouddous. nine jewish activist get arrested in new york on testing inside the offices of friends of the israeli defense forces. then we look at what happened when a commentator on msnbc criticizes her own networks coverage of gaza. >> we are discussing we bias when it comes to this issue. look at the airtime than netanyahu and his folks have on the air on a daily basis. i never see one palestinian being interviewed on the same issue. >> we will speak with palestinian journalists rula jebreal, and we will have a between ali abunimah of electronic intifada and j.j. goldberg, of the jewish daily forward. all that and more coming up.
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welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. israel continues to pump are the gaza strip and its talks over a cease-fire. today includeks the bombing of a power plant and the shelling of a town leaving six people dead and 20 wounded. the palestinian death toll is near 650. more than 4000 palestinians have been wounded. according to gaza officials, 475 houses have been destroyed and 26 homes partially damaged. israel has also struck 46 schools, 56 mosques, and seven hospitals. two more israeli soldiers have been killed, bringing the death toll inside gaza to 29. a farm worker from thailand also died in israel after being hit by rocket fire from gaza.
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state john kerry is in israel today for talks with israel and then palestinian authorities. abbassday, mahmoud begin a talks to process for a cease-fire. now pillay says there is a strong possibility israel has committed war crimes in gaza. she cited the attack on residential homes in the sewage idea neighborhood and the attack of the al-aqsa hospital. most of them are civilians and we also have children and women. yesterday, and al-aqsa hospital was attacked with apple you are people dead, dozens wounded. there is a strong allegation of crime committed by israel in order to establish this war crime, we ask for a strong international inquiry.
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tos has to be done in order eventually transfer israel in front of the international criminal court. administration has continued to back israel on its assault saying that it continues to act in self-defense. president obama was confronted holding signs that read stop the killing, saying gaza. serious has reportedly seen the deadliest woody eight hour period in it civil war. over 700 people were killed thursday and friday, more than those killed in the chemical attacks nearly one year ago. most of lex weeks dead were killed in heavy clashes between government forces and rebel fighters in central syria. this puts the overall death toll
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at 170,000, more than one third civilian. over 2.8 million have been displaced in syria. the coffins of passengers who died in the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 are being flown to the netherlands today. the remains of around 200 of the 298 victims were transferred after being held up for days by pro-russian rebels who are suspected of downing the plane. u.s. intelligence officials say they believe the targeting of the plane was a mistake. they also say russia had no direct involvement but have accused moscow of creating the conditions for a downing through the arming and training of separatist rebels. russia has joined other nations to approve a measure calling for an end of -- international investigation. two ukrainian fighter jets have been shut down. ukraine has seen intense violence in the past few weeks.
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governorsia, jakarta joko widodo has been declared the winner of this month's presidential election, defeating the u.s. trained army general prabowo subianto. the american journalist allan nairn has reported indonesian forces linked to prabowo tried to rig the election in his favor. his advisers say they plan to .hallenge the election results a pair of federal appeals courts have issued conflicting rulings on the affordable care act. president obama signature health care law. on tuesday, a judge struck down insurance subsidies in the 36 states that use federal exchanges. do notrt said subsidies apply to the federal exchanges, just the state exchanges.
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it's allowed to stand, the ruling would drastically hike premiums for over 4 million people and got a provision at the heart of obamacare. in a separate ruling hours later, a fourth circuit court of appeals upheld the subsidies. the differing rulings will likely mean the fate of obamacare richard to the supreme court. odds on howains at to address the influx of 57,000 migrant children fleeing violence and poverty in central america. president obama has requested $3.7 billion to cope with the prices. senate democrats plan to each juice a measure introducing $1 million less than what the president wants but republicans have rejected the plan. a deal appears unlikely before congress goes on recess in july. on tuesday, secretary of homeland security jeh johnson said the number of detained migrant children actually is
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dropping. seeing the numbers of illegal migrants coming into the rio grande valley sector dropped over the last four to six weeks. we have seen the total number of apprehensions drop, and the number of apprehensions of unaccompanied children dropped four to six weeks. we are not declaring victory. this could be seasonal, but the numbers are dropping. has grantedme court arizona's request to carry out an execution after a lower court put it on hold. the ninth circuit court of appeals had sided with john wood, who cited arizona must list the source of the lethal injections. a deathhe first time penalty conviction was delayed because of drug secrecy. those are some of the headlines.
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this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. >> nermeen shaikh. welcome to our listeners and viewers from around the country. john kerry has arrived in tel aviv for talks with palestinian and israeli leaders. have now diedns in the 16-day israeli offensive. the death toll includes 160 children. a seven year old died this morning when an israeli shell hit a cart pulled by a donkey. totallyes have been destroyed and over 2600 homes have been partially damaged. israel has also struck 46 schools, 56 mosques, and seven hospitals. meanwhile, two is really soldiers have been killed, bringing the death toll to 29. a farm worker from thailand also
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died after being hit by rocket fire from gaza. on tuesday, u.s. and european airlines halted flights to tel aviv after a rocket strike landed one mile from the airport. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has backed calls by hamas for an end to the economic blockade of the gaza strip as a condition for a cease-fire. go to gaza city where we have sharif abdel kouddous. where have you just come from? was at the gaza power plant which was hit last night by the israeli military. at least three times with artillery shells. this is gaza's only power plant, provides 30% of electricity to the strip, and was severely damaged last night. it's not working right now and they are looking to repair it. suffering agaza is severe electricity problem with the vast majority of residents on the receiving about four
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hours a day of electricity. this is adding to the growing humanitarian crisis. the military has declared 44% of the gaza strip as a military zone and is warning people in those areas. that is at itsry widest, nine kilometers wide, and at its narrowest, five kilometers. so half of the strip has been declared a military buffer zone and this has caused massive displacement. we see over 100,000 people being displaced, not only in schools, but in unfinished buildings, people's homes, churches. ,he other day, some evacuees the graveyard was bombed by the israeli military. this caused a woman inside to -- go into labor.
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there were many areas that were hit by the israeli military. i spoke to many people that have, essentially with nothing. one of them showed me a text message she had received that , aht from an unknown number text message in arabic that said you have never seen anything like this. it was presumably a warning to residents from the is really military. -- israeli military. about the number of palestinians dead and wounded, it is much easier to understand them by telling their stories. i was standing next to a father today, to get help. he said his wife had just given birth to go joined twins, joined at the stomach, they share a heart and liver, and they needed
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to get out of gaza to go to another country to have surgery to separate them, and then one of the children would be sacrificed for the other. he told me the story and he wanted to show me the children. we walked into the neonatal ward and the doctor said to me in english, so the man would not understand, we are too late, they had just died. then he inform the father, who broke down in tears. these are the kinds of stories that you hear. he had been trying to get his twins out for the past few days but everything has been closed. this is the kind of drama that you see every day under this brutal military assault. on another note this morning, the israeli military hacked into or took over the hamas radio station. while they were driving, we heard these warnings that were a little bizarre of the israeli
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military saying, terrorists, you hear the plane of the sound -- the sound of the planes overhead, you are the target. this was part of the psychological warfare that is going on as well. >> before we conclude, could you say what you think the prospects are for a cease-fire being reached, given what palestinian president mahmoud abbas has said, backing the hamas position on lifting the economic arcade of the gaza strip as a condition ? >> it's a very important development. many palestinians here were pleased to with the news. it unites palestinians in its demands. it is a key thing. whenever you talk about what g azans are asking for, it is a
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lifting of this blockade that affects every aspect of life. water,k about electricity, jobs, the right to work and travel. all of those things existed before the war. this is something that everyone is calling for and our -- abbas joining with hamas is an important step in that. >> thank you and stay safe broadcasting from gaza city. protest and response to the assault on gaza has drawn hundreds and in some cases thousands around the world. here in new york city on tuesday, members of jewish voice for peace and jews say no, occupy the offices of the idf. the nonprofit raises money in the u.s. to send to the israeli military. >> they read the names of the
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more than 600 palestinians killed and demanded the group stop funding the israeli military. nine were arrested when they refused to leave the premise. others protested outside of the office. we were there and bring you some of the voices. >> i am the executive director of jewish voice for peace and we are here at the office of the friends of the idf, the israeli defense force, and we are planning to do some action, jewish activists protesting against the war in gaza, this assault on gazans. is raising money for the israeli defense forces, supporting their offense. we feel it is important, especially as jews, to make the statement that this is not in our name.
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they need to stop dimming this immediately. >> my name is dorothy, i'm a civil right worker. sncc previously. most of us have been to israel and the west bank and gaza. we have seen for ourselves what the conditions are there. know totally unbearable to that this country dares to even say they represent us. there is a sit in going in right now in the offices of the friends of the idf. >> no one can come in. i cannot have you stay here. you are not here with an appointment. >> we are here to demand as american jews that friends of the idea stop funding israel's
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massacre of palestinians living in gaza. over the past two weeks, 621 palestinians in gaza have been killed. we are here nonviolently to do a civil disobedience. we mourn all who are lost and we are reading the names of those who the friends of the idf have helped fund to kill. >> the following people were killed. >> the police are on their way. you have to wait outside. i was raised by two holocaust
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survivors, my mother and my grandmother. totheir name, i'm here today oppose the dehumanization of palestinians, to oppose collective punishment. these were the things that they suffered and that they taught me of everyone,ehalf not just on behalf of jews. on wednesday, july 9, these many gazans were killed. names]g ♪ >> if you don't leave, you will
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be charged with criminal trespassing. if you don'te you, want to be arrested, leave now. >> i am here, appalled by the crimes against humanity being committed by israel that protest to the world it is capable of hitting targets in a very precise way. if this is precision bombing, the world has never seen anything like it. names ofpeating the the people who have been killed in gaza, the proportion of very young people is appalling. [reading names] >> they have ample warning.
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when the police come here, we will tell them that we are here peacefully, morning all the lives that were lost, holding the idf accountable for helping to support killing all of these people. we have been reading for almost one hour and we are still not through the list. you are trespassing in a private property. i will give you the opportunity to leave. can dowant to leave, you so now. if not, you will be arrested. ♪ members of the jewish voice for peace and jews say no organization were arrested tuesday occupying the offices of the friends of the idf in new york.
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special thanks to hany massoud and sam alcoff. we will be back in a minute. [♪]
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>> this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we turn now to the controversies around media coverage of the crisis here in the u.s. over the weekend, nbc reversed remove aon to reporter. contexte gave a wider
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to the israeli occupation, drawing criticism from supporters of israeli defenses. itss decision to remove reporters sparked a backlash on social media with the hashtag #letaymanreport becoming a thing on twitter. >> on monday, one of the frequent contributors rula jebreal took to the network's to criticize the initial decision ayman, and the lack of palestinian voices. ridiculous and disgustingly biased when it comes to the issue. look at the airtime netanyahu
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and his folks have on the daily basis. andrea mitchell and others. i never see one palestinian being interviewed on the same issues. then for 30 seconds and you have 25 minutes for netanyahu and many others. moyheldin story, we are home, let's talk about this. moyheldin is covering the palestinian side and we get upset. -pro-palestinian. let's talk about this. >> doesn't it reveal equally our thinking that we now have ayman moyheldin on-air? thanks to social media and pushed back from public opinion. i'm not saying everyone is like percent is given to the palestinian voice. interview,after the
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jebreal tweeted -- appearedy night, she on msnbc. rula are now joined by jebreal, author and political analyst. she worked for many years as a broadcaster in western it really where she also covered the middle east -- italy, where she covered the middle east. " whicho wrote "miral, was turned into a film. talk about what happened and the decision you made to speak out on your own network. my owncided to speak on network because we are liberal democrats and part of the debate of any media in the liberal democratic landscape is to discuss our own flaws as well as ,thers, not only bridge gate but also media gate, a media scandal regarding the biased
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covering of the palestinian-israel conflict. , made byat studies respected american scholars, referring to the coverage of the media, how much airtime is given to the israeli officials and to palestinian officials. it is the u.s. landscape that is so biased. cnn, 45 is really officials interviewed versus 11 palestinians. when it comes to this conflict today, you have 17 israeli politicians, versus one pollock 10 -- palestinian. we are going backwards regarding this issue. that shades the public opinion in america and that becomes political support and collusion for israel. so policy that is very destructive to the israelis and the americans stance in the world. only palestinian contributor on msnbc? >> absolutely.
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>> what happened after? were canceledces and asked questions about whether this was related to what i said earlier. phone.answered the then i tweeted what i tweeted. there was a social media uproar. i worked in egypt and was kicked out of the country because i interviewed the head and secret service and asked about torturing, i interviewed silvio berlusconi. i question on her option and scandals and my tv show was shut down. i am accustomed to this. i did not expect this from us, the liberal media, and us who are advocating, going out and saying that we tell the truth and we cover this in an unbiased way. blumenthaler and max spoke to a producer, who he said
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described a top-down intimidation campaign aimed at presenting an israeli centric view of the attack on the gaza strip. in his piece, he writes -- did you have any experience of that? how long were you a current or greater -- contributor? >> about two years. and i was talking about the american landscape, not just msnbc, which is better than others, but i never experienced anything like this. i understood what i did in egypt could get me kicked out of the country. i understood in italy where berlusconi controls the media.
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i was shocked because most of my friends in the middle east would tell me, you will have issue in america. way, we are fact checkers, we cover both sides, this is what america stands for. i hope that msnbc and other networks will revise their policies and will have more voice. it does not have to be me, it's not about me. we have a media scandal we need to expose. we are responsible for these failing policies in gaza and israel. >> you try to raise this in years higher? >> so many people on the inside. i have been pinching myself to talk about these issueson many shows and have been meeting with producers and others. i said, you have an issue. our credibility is at stake. we cannot talk about bridge gate for six months and when it comes to this, we dug our heads and
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decide to be exactly like the other networks. we can be different, much more bold and aggressive. i think most of them were agreeing in private with me, but when it comes to what goes on air, i don't think they had any power. >> you did go on chris hayes last night. >> he is on msnbc, we disagree, but in the media, weekend agree to disagree. overcarborough criticizes and over, but he is ok. but is this an issue that nobody can touch? >> did you lose your job as a contributor? >> i still do not know. my contract is up and we are negotiating. >> following your appearance on the show, one of the things that you set your comments would precipitate was a national
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debate on the question of israel and palestine and how it's covered. what kind of shape with that debate take, and what kinds of issues should be raised more frequently in the mainstream media on this issue? reallyeed to ask, are we guaranteeing, by supporting this is really right-wing government, are we really helping israel become more secure in the long term, and ultimately, american stance in the world? this policy with gaza has been failing for the last eight years. we had six bombardments in the last eight years and it did not topple hamas. actually, it empowers them more. for me, hamas is the ultimate liability for the palestinian people. but this did not empower moderates. they have been telling israel over and over, we want a peace deal.
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we will agree to the conditions you want. in this same venue, the problem with our policy, that we want to keep the status quo, which means military occupation in the west bank and gaza under siege. what we are doing in the media is portraying a false image where what is happening in israel -- and if you ask anybody , what do you think is happening? they would say israel is minding its own business and palestine shooting out of the blue. this is not what is going on. the context of this is what is leading the public to support israel and politicians will do what is popular, not what is right. missionhe media, have a . we are truth tellers and we can shape public opinion to protect of the interest. a fascinating story yourself, which you wrote about which wasok "miral,"
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made into a film. talk about your life story. haifa.s born in citizen.sraeli my family is both muslim and christian. i am married to a jewish man. i believe in a two state solution. i discovered that i have a jewish relative. i actually have a jewish sister. is a days, killing arabs value. this is what i have to live in. because of what i witnessed in the middle east, it in refugee i haveunder occupation, seen how pain, grief, and when you keep 60% of the population
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going hungry to bed, 90% without clean water, the only thing that can rise is extremism, and the solution is not bombardment. thesolution is lifting siege and empowering them financially and letting them thate moderate leadership eventually can take over. we did not manage to topple hamas, and that is fact. we are failing in our strategy on how to contain extremists. hamas was dead politically. the this more, we will him surviving hamas -- reviving hamas. >> how did you go from growing up in an orphanage in haifa to becoming a journalist? >> i won a scholarship from the italian government, i went there and became the first foreign,
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black anchor on italian television. rightattacked by the during the iraqi war because i challenged their views. when i visited, it was clear, there was no way a military solution would be met with cheering. it was clear to me the country would be divided. the shiites would then take over. i wrote about this, was challenged by the right-wing government in italy. i was even called the n-word on-air by one of the ministers of berlusconi, who was pushed to resign, because of the media. then i worked in italy as a reporter, and then i decided to go to my own world, to egypt. i was there for three months, was an on-air journalist, i broadcast my tv show, until i start asking the tough questions to the establishment. after that, i was kicked out of the country.
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i hope to find a platform somewhere. inyou talk about your work italy. how is the reporting in europe on this compared to what you have seen in the u.s.? >> day and night. simply because of the images that reporters bring from the ground and that they are allowed to show on air. here we have a problem of what we show. the tipping point for me is when people like selena gomez and rihanna, celebrities are not allowed to sympathize with people that are dying. not with hamas. when they wrote on twitter, we pay for peace in gaza, we sympathize with the victims, and everyone back clashed on them. even john kerry was scared when his microphone was open on fox what heto walk back on said. that shows you something, everybody is scared when it comes to this issue.
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it's time that we in the media have the courage. so many wrongdoings from the government here, wrongdoings abroad. service toto do a our audience and to our interests in the world. and also to the israelis. people,eli and jewish as you showed, are today calling on israel to stop their policies. you for being with us, rula jebreal, author, political analyst, frequently appears on msnbc. worked for many years as a broadcaster in italy. which was"miral," also made into a film. when we come back, a debate on the u.s. media coverage on the israel-gaza conflict. stay with us. [♪]
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>> and this is democracy now!,
3:40 pm, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. now to a debate on the u.s. media coverage of the israel-gaza conflict. attack, u.s.r the media ran a story with the at beachsidesile café finds patrons poised for world cup." one of our next guests tweeted a response saying israeli missile by drink and dialogue with palestinian friends. changed theirr headlines to israeli missile kills eight palestinians at a beachside gaza café. >> to discuss this headline and more, ali abunimah joins us. he is the cofounder of the website electronic intifada. here in new york we are joined by j.j. goldberg, columnist at the newspaper than jewish daily forward.
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let's start with the original headline in the new york times that we just read. missile at beachside gaza café finds patrons poised for world cup. can you take it from there, explain what happened in that situation? it's very simple. "the new york times" headlines makes it sound like the israeli missile stops by the café for a chat. blew to it did was pieces a number of people that had gone to the beach that try to escape the former of israel and the rest of gaza to watch a world cup match, like billions around the world, and they died there. that is what happened, but that is not what you would get from the headline. the media are failing to convey the enormity of what is happening to people in gaza.
3:42 pm
this morning, i heard from a friend who is the editor of a wonderful book of short stories by gaza writers, outside of gaza family,arated from his which is even worse, for whose families are there. this morning, he lost his best to be, who also happens his wife's brother. his wife's family has lost eight people in the last five days. this catastrophe, this mass destruction in gaza, the randomness of the killing is not being conveyed. we have to hide from it in this country because if we reveal the full truth about the horrifying paul broun that israel is
3:43 pm
carrying out, a lot of people will not be able to handle it. to the goldberg, respond headline, which the times changed to reflect that eight people had been killed, and then talk about the larger coverage as you see it. >> generally, i find headlines to be awful. starting as a headline writer, you are trying to be cute and get people to read the article. the writer probably assumed that when they said missile, the readers would understand that it would kill somebody. but you do not act cute when you are talking about people dying. was right to call attention to it. i have not heard any mention of the fact that israel is being bombarded. israelis are not dying because israel has a good missile defense system, gaza does not.
3:44 pm
i don't think israel will apologize for having a good missile defense system. israel made it clear, when the rocket stop coming from gaza, we will stop bombing gaza. israel excepted and egyptian cease-fire. hamas, as you mentioned, did not, and does not. if it is really so awful that your people are being killed, except the cease-fire, and then talk about the conditions of the cease-fire, the things you want to come up. i said you are not allowed to mention the death. i have been watching television and reading newspapers. the deaths and the suffering of the people in gaza is pretty much all has been covered in the last few weeks. partly because of the way news works in america. if it bleeds, it leads.
3:45 pm
fact that people are dying in gaza, which is awful -- but that is the whole story here, how many people are dying? the fact that there is a politics behind it, that there is a war going on in which one side wants to destroy the other side and the other side does not want to be destroyed, that is hardly covered at all. >> j.j. has offered us all of the propaganda talking point i do not stand up to scrutiny, and that is one of the points of the media coverage. the only side that is being destroyed right now is palestine . we are witnessing the destruction of palestine, in , in ain the west bank riverbed winds have been at the pre-cleansed. this has been going on for almost 70 years and j.j. goldberg has the chutzpah to say
3:46 pm
people in gaza who are fighting for their survival are trying to destroy israel? this is the kind of orwellian propaganda that is coming from the israeli government and its apologists in the media. let's talk about the false claims that j.j. goldberg made about the cease-fire and hamas . you can only make those claims if you ignore the fact that after the november 2012 cease-fire, not one rocket came out of gaza for three months. who did violate the cease-fire, j.j.? it was israel. it bombed gaza dozens of times, killed and injured dozens of people, fired on farmers and fishermen. even the new york times had to frequentael's cease-fire violation. if you want to stop rockets, the answer is time tested and easy. israel can stop attacking and
3:47 pm
killing people in gaza and can lift the siege. , it is nottalk about just having palestinians bleed on television that supports the coverage. where are the palestinian voices? yesterday, the electronic intifada published a statement, 91 civil society leaders in gaza, people from the red crescent, the universities, the media, supreme court judges, 91 members of civil society, and they said we do not want a cease-fire without justice because going back to the status quote is a living death. the choice we are being given is between being blown to bits or dying slowly without the were listening. when there is a cease-fire, j.j. theberg is not agitating in foreword for an end to the siege. navelgazing is
3:48 pm
about how to preserve israel as a so-called jewish and democratic state. enough palestinian babies have --n blown to pieces so because of this insanity. enough lecturing palestinians that there resistance is illegitimate or futile. we are witnessing the destruction of palestine and you have the chutzpah to claim that israel is in danger? >> what about this point that ali raises about the siege, that what mahmoud abbas has also said, that it supports hamas, is not accepting a cease-fire until the siege is listed as well? >> he came around to that after finding during his meetings in qatar, which were tense, that he an not going to get acceptance on the egyptian version of the cease-fire, which is first to stop the killing, and then talk. >> why can't israel stop the
3:49 pm
killing now, j.j.? why do they have to slaughter 70 people a day? tell israel to stop the bombing and the killing now. leave?ld i stay here or that youn what it is write in the forward. >> i have been writing for years that israel is doing a great disservice to itself and to the palestinians -- >> use the correct words, j.j.. >> go ahead. explain this issue of the siege. have supported a lifting of the siege. >> yes.
3:50 pm
counterproductive, cruel, and is not working in bringing down the hamas government. of --ege is a closure essentially a collective punishment of the people in gaza because they are ruled by hamas and hamas is dedicated to be unmaking of the israeli state. said before, hamas is not working for coexistence between israel and palestine. they came into power in gaza by murdering leaders of fatah, taking over, and turning gaza into an armed state in order to attack israel. israel responded with an extremely counterproductive collective punishment. it's been mentioned that gaza does not have -- israel bombed its own electrical power plant. which supply 30% of list electricity. the other was supplied by
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israel. the israeli power supply to gaza was shut down by hamas rockets a week ago and he is really electrical workers are afraid to go out and fix the cables because of hamas rockets i do not know where else to go. >> respond to the point that ali raised about who violated the cease-fire. you wrote the last seven years have been the most tranquil in israel's history, prior to what happened on july 8. terror attacks are a fraction of the level during the nightmare in prior years. six deaths in all of 2013. could you ask -- address the cease-fire, who violated it? >> first of all, it's important to know that hamas did observe the cease-fire from 2000 in november -- november 2012, after the pillar of defense, until this outbreak.
3:52 pm
there were rockets being fired by other groups operating out of gaza. enforce theying to cease-fire. it did a decent job of it that it was not perfect. when there were rockets, israel bombed the rocket squads. sometimes when israel bombs the rocket squads, it hit civilians. >> mosques, schools, children, it hits everything. issue ofunimah, this having a cease-fire and then negotiating the end of the siege? says that goldberg the siege is cruel and collective punishment, all of which is true, it's a violation of international humanitarian rights. in fact, it is a war crime to deny people of their basic needs. why not tell israel to lift the siege and then talk?
3:53 pm
ought --e onus always always on the occupied, to the refugees, to prove their good behavior to the ghetto masters? >> you can make a second point. >> he is right, depriving the occupy people of their basic needs is a war crime. they have not been deprived of their basic needs, they have been kept for -- >> have you been to gaza, j.j.? >> no, i would be shocked. -- shot. >> that's not true. there are many international people who are here who are not shot. stop inciting against palestinians by all of these false claims. palestinians are such wild ,onsters that if they see a jew
3:54 pm
they shoot them automatically. this is liable. it is liable that contributes to the bloodshed because it further dehumanizes palestinians. let me go to another headline as we talk about media criticism. post"s "the washington headline. it said, two is really soldiers killed in gaza crash -- clash. then in subtext, death toll tops attacks.mas steps up the large headline says two is really soldiers died, and then in the smaller number 330 died as hamas sets up attacks, indicating perhaps it was hamas that killed them, even though you thought it was 330 palestinians. the next day, "the baltimore sun" wrote this headline.
3:55 pm
your thoughts on that, j.j. goldberg? >> i would have to see the headlines from day to day. it's all of their headlines were about israeli soldiers being killed, then i would say that's outrageous. what i've seen is a lot of coverage, and headline writers need to break up the monotony. there is a certain monotony to massacre when it happened day after day. >> i want to turn to another point that you made in your recent piece, which is that the momentum turned against israel only on sunday following what happened into jaya, that international support diminished. could you say how that was reflected in media coverage, what the coverage was like
3:56 pm
before, when there was more support for the assault on gaza and what happened after sunday, in the media coverage? coverage has been fairly straight, has been reporting on gaza, before and after, and when there is a lot more people killed, it looks a lot worse. it is a lot worse. the demonstrations and the rallies against israel have increased. you begin to see european leaders beginning to distance .hemselves wrote the wind shifted, and had written that israel had jumped the shark. it went overboard. it went beyond what it had been doing. the ground campaign essentially was a declaration of war on the
3:57 pm
palestinian people. ali abunimah, j.j. goldberg says there is a monotony to massacre. to get myill trying head around that phrase, frankly. it. the callousness of the inability to absorb the enormity of the catastrophe. someone calculated in gaza was the u.s. in terms of population, we are talking about 90,000 dead in the space of a few days. there is not a single family in gaza that has not lost people. we are talking about entire families wiped out. at the beginning, j.j. goldberg was whining that there was not enough coverage of israel being bombarded, as if there is any comparison whatsoever, not just to what israel is doing to gaza now, but what they have been doing to gaza for eight years,
3:58 pm
since 1967, what palestinians have been going through for decades, and being forced off their land, being killed. we are not paying attention even to the west bank. all eyes are on gaza, but people are being killed in the west bank. land is being taken in the west bank. the destruction of palestine continues though that people like j.j. can sit in new york and pontificate about how american jews in north america -- a spare country to feel safe. the instruction of palestine has to end. -- the destruction of palestine has to end. >> i hardly know what to say. >> call it a disservice, j.j., why don't you? >> we are going to have to leave it there. j.j. goldberg, his most recent article, "as gaza toll rises, so will pressure on israel."
3:59 pm
the cofounder of the website electronic intifada, the author of the new book "the battle for justice in palestin , ." demo
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